Reliable wastewater network and treatment

From the moment you flush the loo, empty the bath, or wash your clothes; the water you’ve used must travel through our wastewater network and needs to be treated and tested, ensuring it’s clean and safe enough before returning to the environment.

The South West is beautiful, there’s nowhere else quite like it! But it’s this unique beauty that makes managing our region’s wastewater services a hugely challenging operation compared to most of England.



Did you know?

In the South West we need many more treatment works and pipes for our wastewater network compared to other regions in the UK.  Our network in numbers:


million litres of wastewater treated every day


pumping stations keep the network flowing


wastewater treatment works operated and maintained


water quality standards achieved at our bathing beaches


kilometers of pipework to move wastewater around the region






What are we doing?

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