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Water resources

Tap water is precious – why use more than you need? Being water savvy is a win-win for the environment and your wallets (if you’re on a water meter).

Summers are predicted to get drier and winters wetter, with more intense heavy rainfall. Now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to help nature out. Every litre of water saved is a litre left in the environment. The less water we use, the more we can keep our rivers and streams flowing and nature thriving.



We're on a mission to takle leakage

Tackling leaks with drones, satellites, listening devices and good old-fashioned know-how. We’ve halved leakage levels in our region but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping! There’s more work to do to hit our target. We love our water and we hate to see it wasted. Pinpointing and fixing leaks as quick as possible is one of our top priorities.

To help us track down leaks across the region...

We’re using the latest tech. We’re monitoring our network with drones, satellites and listening devices. Drones are helping us cover huge areas quicker and access hard to reach places, like Dartmoor and Exmoor. Satellites show signs of potential leaks across the region, and our leakage technicians are kitted out with advanced listening devices to make tracking the exact point of the leak easier.

We’re also employing more people. From finding leaks to fixing them – our people are key in helping us reduce leakage. They’re out there. They’re listening to our pipes and pinpointing the exact spot of a leak. We don’t stop. No matter what time or weather! If one of our pipes near you bursts then we’ll be there fixing it



The Water-Saving Community Fund

We’re passionate about conserving supplies for people and the environment today, and future generations. But we can’t do it alone, we need everyone to play their part to help save tap water and avoid waste. We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to get our customers and communities involved in water conservation, which is why we’ve set up the Water-Saving Community Fund.


75000 pounds
22 projects
59 million
Litres saved



What are we doing?

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