WaterFit: Protecting rivers and seas together

The South West is incredibly special. From our precious National Parks to beautiful beaches. We're proud to call it home.

WaterFit is key in protecting our wonderful region. Our 6 commitments will makes sure we go further and faster towards achieving better river and coastal water quality.

Click below to read each individual commitment, find out what they mean, and what we'll be doing.

Nurturing healthy rivers and seas


We will:

  • reduce our impact on rivers by 2025, by one third and put forward plans to target zero harm by 2030
  • reduce spills from storm overflows to an average of 20 per year by 2025
  • maintain our excellent bathing water quality standards, all year round, so that everyone can enjoy our 860 miles of coastline
  • deliver zero serious pollutions by 2025, and target a year on year reduction in all pollutions


Putting nature on everyone’s doorstep


We will:

  • make bathing water accessible, less than an hour’s drive, for 100% of our residents and visitors
  • provide access to our 40 inland lakes and reservoirs, so that local communities can continue enjoying them for health and recreation
  • achieve the region’s first bathing quality river, using learnings from our current pilots on the rivers Dart and Tavy



Creating and restoring habitats


We will:

  • stop pollutants from 120,000 hectares of regional farmland getting into rivers and seas by 2025, working with local partners
  • restore an additional 1,000 hectares of peatlands by 2025, to create new habitats, improve river quality and reduce flooding
  • plant a quarter of a million trees by 2025, to help combat climate change, support river health and create new wildlife habitats


Inspiring our local champions


We will:

  • donate 25% of our Community Fund to local groups that share our passion for river and sea health
  • launch our WaterFit Warriors programme, to inspire thousands of water quality champions in schools and communities across the region
  • share progress with our customers through our unique WaterShare+ scheme at quarterly public meetings and our annual Customer AGM

Creating a sustainable future


We will:

  • work collaboratively on the building of new developments in our region, to help us manage our network
  • back the ban on non-flushable or plastic-containing wet wipes, to help prevent blockages
  • work with our 10 million visitors, and 2.3 million customers, so they understand the important role they play in protecting our region, through our Love Your Loo campaign

Putting people in control


We will:

  • work with partners to provide water quality information for residents and visitors, making it easily accessible on our website by the end of this year
  • help people understand river health, by sharing real-time river water quality information, just as we do for our bathing waters, by 2023
  • provide 100% monitor coverage at our treatment works and on our storm overflows, by 2023



Want to find out more?

Read our plan for healthy rivers and seas