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The information on this page is about SWW’s responses to Environmental Information Regulation (EIR) requests. The data covers requests related to both the South West Water supply area and our Bournemouth Water supply area.

The usage of the term ‘SWW’ in this information covers both supply areas.

The Regulations have applied to SWW since 2015, and in the most recent three years SWW has responded to 189 requests. SWW makes every effort to provide information requested in accordance with the Regulations.

We are pleased that we have been able to respond to 86% of these requests, in full, by providing all the information requested. We have received thanks for our detailed and helpful responses.

The requests can be split into the following broad categories:

Business Area



Clean water


Abstractions &  Drought


Street works


Water quality


Waste water


Trade effluent


Waste water treatment works and pumping stations


Sewer flooding


Plastics & Pollutions


Noise/Smell at waste water treatment works


Planning & Capacity


Storm water overflows & discharges




Data security




Upstream Thinking Programme





The category ‘Other’ covers diverse requests on topics such as water meters; water usage data (for a town running a water efficiency campaign); greenhouse gas; reservoir levels; pipe locations.

Of the 189 requests received between 2017 to 2019, we withheld the information or rejected the request on 24 occasions. On a further 2 occasions we withheld some of the requested information and were able to release the remainder.

 If we determine that we are entitled to withhold information, we always state the reason and which part of the Regulations allows us to not release the information. We also apply the ‘public interest test’ before making our decision where we are required to do so, and in line with the Regulations.

Reason for refusal


Bill payer data/data protected under GDPR


Data not held by SWW


Not considered environmental information as defined by the regulations


Request submitted under Freedom of Information Act, which does not apply to  SWW, and also  not considered as environmental information as defined by  the regulations




Under the Regulations a request has to be responded to within 20 working days from the day of receipt.

We immediately acknowledge receipt of the request before aiming to provide the requested information as quickly as possible

Over the period 2017-2019 we have responded to 92% of requests within the deadline, and many of these have been replied to in a lot fewer than the 20 days.

The types of reasons for delays are:

  • Requested was delayed in getting to the right department
  • Requested information is very large and it has taken longer than expected to obtain the data
  • Absences of the key staff to provide specialised information

We maintain contact with the requestor to let them know the reason for the delay and when the response will be with them. Often it is only delayed by a day or two.

Of the 92% of requests answered within the deadline the majority were actually replied to in far fewer than 20 working days. Every effort is made to provide the information as soon as we are able to.

We welcome requests, but please do have a look at our EIR information pages first as these contain links to information already available to the general public. The answer to your query may indeed already be available.

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