Number of EIR requests responded to

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The information on this page is about South West Water’s responses to requests made under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR).

The data shown covers both our Bournemouth Water supply area and South West Water (SWW) supply area.

Where the term ‘SWW’ is used, it covers both supply areas.

SWW makes every effort to provide information requested, in the year 2020 we responded to 126 requests.

On receipt of a request, we send an acknowledgement and then aim to provide the requested information as quickly as possible

Of the 126 requests 90% were responded to within the 20 working days deadline specified in the regulations. The majority were replied to in far fewer than the 20 days as every effort is made to provide the information as soon as we are able to.

Sometime our response can be delayed. If there is a delay, we maintain contact with the requestor, we let them know the reason for the delay and when the response will be with them. Often it is only delayed by a day or two.

The types of reasons for a delay can be:

  • Request was delayed in getting to the right department
  • Requested information is very large and it has taken longer than expected to obtain the data
  • Absences of the key staff to provide specialised information

We welcome requests, but please do have a look at our EIR information pages first, these contain links to information already available to the public. The answer to your query may already be available on those pages.

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