Rainwater harvesting

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Water butt disconnection

If your roof is connected to the combined sewerage network, your downpipe will drain into the ground through a drain grate.

Disconnecting this pipe can be quite a simple process. You could consider doing this yourself or alternatively it would be a straightforward job for a builder or landscape gardener.

There are different options to suit your garden. The factsheets on the right give more detail about some of the considerations.

Water butts

  • Simple design and construction
  • Ideal for front gardens where there is no access to a tap
  • Potential to overflow to a rain garden on soakaway
  • Reduces surface water to sewer.

Filter drain

  • Forms a linear soakaway system
  • Simple design and construction
  • Ideal for rear gardens running down to the watercourse
  • Replenishes the water table and reduces surface water to sewer.

Sunken rain garden

  • Large gardens allow space to create rain garden
  • Ideal where discharge to a water course is not possible Increase habitat and biodiversity in your back garden
  • Replenishes the water table and reduces surface water to sewer
  • Low maintenance planting design.

Simple disconnection

  • Simple solution, requires some building knowledge
  • Profile of back gardens allow a sloping discharge from disconnect
  • Limited cost and complexity for maximum effect
  • Requires another surface water management element to work.

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