WaterFuture - Get into water


We’re changing the way we think about water and the landscape. Working in partnership to improve wildlife habitats, restore wetlands and ensure future resilient water supplies and reducing the risk of flooding.

Since 2010, through our award winning 'Upstream Thinking' catchment management programme we have improved the water quality at 1,537 farms upstream of water reservoirs and river abstractions. We have also restored 10,192 acres (4,125 hectares) of moorland, culm grass land and other semi-natural habitats, and have therefore already exceeded our 2020 targets for catchment management.

Through our Downstream Thinking programme we are working with communities and our partners, looking at innovative and sustainable ways to manage the amount of surface water that enters our sewer network. Reducing surface water will help to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to homes and businesses, and protect our environment from pollution.

We are working to reduce the amount of energy we use to help manage our costs and cut our carbon footprint, which will help slow down the effects of climate change. Using renewable energy sources that are selfgenerated through a combination of hydro power, combined heat, solar, and wind power.