Revised Bathing Water Directive

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The European Union's revised Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC) came into force in March 2006 and replaces the current Bathing Water Directive (76/1160/EEC).

The overall objective of the revised directive is the protection of public health, but it also offers an opportunity to improve management practices at bathing waters and to standardise the information offered to bathers across Europe.

The directive introduces a new classification system with more stringent water quality standards and puts an emphasis on providing information to the public.

Since 2015, bathing waters were classed as either, excellent, good, sufficient or poor. The water quality standards for the new classifications are much higher than those of the original bathing waters directive.

The Government's target under the new directive is 'sufficient', which is higher than the old good (mandatory) standard. Our priority is to ensure all bathing waters meet this standard. In 2014/15 we completed £20million of schemes to further improve bathing water quality. There’s more information here: Even Cleaner Seas

Find out more about the revised bathing water directive in our factsheets section or watch our video below.

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Revised Bathing Water

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