Why are bills so high in the South West?
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Why are bills so high in the South West?

From 1st April 2020, our average annual household bill for water and wastewater services is £470, compared to £491 in 2019/20. This follows a series of below inflation rises in recent years. This is unlike many other water companies who are announcing average bill increases.

In the South West we enjoy miles of open countryside and coastline, we have about a third of the country’s bathing waters with about 3% of the population.

This is quite unique and means we need many more treatment works and thousands of miles of pipes to provide drinking water to everyone and to take wastewater away.

To put this into context – Thames Water can serve nearly 4 million customers in East London from one wastewater treatment plant; to serve our 1.7 million customers, we have to maintain more than 650 wastewater treatment plants across four counties and along two coastlines.

The £50 Government Contribution towards household customer bills recognises this as does the industry’s economic regulator, Ofwat, with whom we agree our charges.

The good news is that our bathing waters are among the best in the world with nearly 99% meeting strict new standards, and this helps the tourist industry to bring billions of pounds into our region.

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