What information do you have about my tap water quality?
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What information do you have about my tap water quality?

If you are a household customer:

We can supply a report (called a Schedule 4) about tap water quality in your area for free. It provides a summary of all the sample results taken in a supply zone (areas of up to 100,000 people) during the most recent calendar year. 

Please contact us to arrange this.

We take samples at our treatment works and at customers’ taps and test them for chemical and microbiological parameters.

All of the parameters have either minimum or maximum standards associated with them, which incorporate a large safety margin in order to protect public health.

Any sample result which fails to meet with a standard is investigated, assessed and prompt remedial action is taken to prevent it happening again. This assessment is reported to the Drinking Water Inspectorate, which sets the standards for drinking water quality.

Have a look at our Top 10 tips for keeping water safe.

If you are a business or would like your private water supply sampled:

please see our  Laboratory analysis page.

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