Why do I have no water?

Why do I have no water?

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Why do I have no water?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Emergency work on a burst main
  • Planned work where we’ve notified you in advance
  • An airlock in your system following work
  • An issue with your internal plumbing
  • Neighbours carrying out work on a joint supply

Have a look at our In your area site to find out if there’s any work causing no water. If you can't find any, you may want to check with neighbours to confirm if it is just your supply affected. If the issue is affecting your neighbours, it may be that we’re not aware of a problem on our main supply therefore please call our Services Helpline on 0344 346 2020 to report this.

To check for airlocks, turn your internal stop tap on and off 3 times to release any air whilst the cold kitchen tap is open. You should also check that your external stop tap is open.

For issues with internal plumbing there is a list of approved plumbers at WaterSafe.

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