When will you repair a leak?
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When will you repair a leak?

Have a look at our In your area site to find out the repair details and if we know about the leak.

We prioritise leaks according to the size and if it’s causing damage or danger to the public.

We aim to repair:

  • Large bursts/emergency leaks within 24 hours
  • Significant leaks within 3 working days
  • Small/minor leaks within 15 working days

If the repair is in the highway, we need to provide notice to the Highway Authority which can take 3-10 days and where a road closure is needed it can take 13 weeks.

Sometimes we may need to work outside of sociable hours, however we always try to minimise disruption to services, vehicles, traffic and noise whenever possible.

If the leak is on a private pipe, the owner is responsible for repair but we’ll ensure it gets resolved.

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