What is the process for installing a meter?

What is the process for installing a meter?

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What is the process for installing a meter?

1. Apply
Apply online or call our automated number on 0800 083 4301.

2. Survey appointment
We’ll contact you (usually within 10 working days) to arrange an appointment for a survey at your home.

3. Site survey
Our partners Kier will out carry out a 30 minute survey to confirm if it’s possible to have a meter, the planned location and provide you with a Q&A leaflet. If it’s not possible to fit a meter, the surveyor will provide you with information on our Assessed Charge.

4. Fitting date
Kier will contact you to arrange a date for the meter to be fitted. You won’t need to be there unless we’ve already advised you otherwise.

5. Fitting the meter
We’ll install the meter if it's possible to do so, within 3 months of receiving your meter application*. The meter unit will contain a stop tap (or plug tap) which you can use to isolate your supply if you need to. There is no charge for installing the meter.

6. We'll update your account
We’ll send you a letter to confirm your new metered account details.

* If there is a delay, we’ll use readings taken after the meter is installed to back-date charges to the date it should have been installed.

You'll find more information in our Code of Practice on Charges, Bills and Meters.

If you are a non household customer please refer to your chosen retailer for further information. For information on retailers please click here.

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