What’s the process for fitting a water meter?
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What’s the process for fitting a water meter?

  1. Once you have applied to switch to a water meter we will contact you within 5 working days to arrange a date to visit your home to check if we can fit a meter.

  2. Our partner company Kier will visit your property to check if a meter can be fitted. On most occasions we are able to fit a meter, but if there is an issue and we are unable to fit a meter they will talk to you about our assessed charge, which is a bill based on what you would pay if a meter was fitted.

  3. If a meter can be fitted, Kier will contact you to arrange a date. We aim to fit your meter within 3 months of receiving your application. The meter will be fitted in a suitable place either outside your front garden in the footpath or inside your home near to your internal stop tap. Kier will also check for any leaks when they fit it.

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