I’m new to a water meter, what should I do?
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I’m new to a water meter, what should I do?

By having a water meter you are joining over 80% customers benefiting from cheaper water bills. That’s because you’ll only be paying for water and wastewater services that you use.

Finding your meter
We’ll usually install the meter in the path outside your drive or garden within a chamber. The chamber will have a lid usually labeled ‘meter’ or ‘water’.

Reading your meter
When you’ve found your meter, you may want to use a screwdriver to help lift the lid and a cloth to wipe any dirt so you can see the dials clearly. 


We aim to read your meter every six months, so if we don’t have a meter reading when your bill is due, we’ll send you a bill with an estimated read. If you’re able to provide us with your own reading at this time, we can update your bill based on your reading.

Checking for leaks
It’s much easier to spot leaks when you have a water meter as you can see how much water is being used. It’s therefore important to keep an eye on your water usage, especially if you believe it’s higher than normal.

Take a look at our leak check guide

Your new bill layout
You’ll receive a bill every six months, click here to see how your bill is set out.

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