How much water does an average person use?
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How much water does an average person use?

The national average annual usage figures have been taken from The Consumer Council for Water and are listed below:

  Yearly water use in Cubic Metres m3
Number of people living in your home Low use Average use High use
1 45 66 100
2 55 110 136
3 82 136 175
4 110 165 210
5 136 182 245
6 155 200 265

1 cubic metre = 1000 litres

Your usage may be lower or higher for different reasons such as:

  • The types of appliances you use
  • If you use water for gardening, filling a pond, car washing, decorating etc
  • If you have any building work taking place which uses a lot of water
  • If you have family or guests staying

If you’re not on a meter, your average daily use is estimated to be around 179 litres per person.

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