What are you doing to prevent sewer flooding?
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What are you doing to prevent sewer flooding?

We know that being affected by sewer flooding is unpleasant and upsetting so we’re working hard to prevent it from happening.

Take a look at our new approach Downstream Thinking to tackle flooding from sewers. 

We regularly clean our sewers especially those we know are prone to blockages and encourage you to only flush the 3 p’s – pee, paper and poo.

We regularly assess the performance of our sewers and have a planned maintenance programme, which is agreed with Ofwat to keep the sewerage system in good repair.

We also identify and carry out improvements in the public sewers where there is a lack of capacity.

Our sewers can overflow due to storm water, so we’re investing in more storm water storage, upgrading pumping stations and upsizing sewers in or order to prevent storm water overflows.

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