Fair charging and affordable bills for all

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Being efficient in order to keep our costs as low as possible and offering support to those who struggle to pay.

South West Water takes its social responsibility seriously and we offer support to those who struggle to pay their bills. Tacking water poverty and reducing bad debt are key concerns for us.

We are committed to doing everything we can to keep our costs as low as possible, ensuring a high level of service while creating a fair and sustainable charging system.

A key part of this is staying successful as a business – to do so, we need to continue to grow and attract the lowest rates of finance.

Did you know?

Over 80% of our customers are on a meter.

Our goals for 2050

  • Continually drive down costs to keep bills as low as possible
  • Continue to support customers who have problems paying their bills and provide advice to all customers on how they can reduce their bill
  • Make it easy for customers to deal with us and we will expand partnerships with trusted organisations
  • Increase the number of households that are metered to ensure charges are as fair as possible for all.

If you'd like to find out more about our support schemes and priority services click here.

Business Plan 2020-2025