Reliable wastewater services

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Ensuring you can rely on us to remove and dispose of wastewater safely and efficiently, and that the likelihood of sewer flooding affecting homes and businesses is minimised.

We recognise the value you place on a reliable wastewater service. To prevent sewer flooding and pollution we are prioritising sewer maintenance and improvements in those areas most at risk of flooding.

Another key part of our strategy is our ‘Downstream Thinking’ programme of catchment management seeks to reduce flooding risk through the application of sustainable drainage schemes and landscape management.

There are also ways you can help at home and we encourage everyone to use sewers responsibly – check out our ‘Love your Loo’ and ‘Think Sink’ information.

Did you know?

We have over 650 wastewater treatment works.

Our goals for 2050

  • Make sewer flooding a thing of the past
  • Target innovation and update our wastewater treatment equipment with the best available technology
  • Continue to make sure that we have the capacity to deal with increases in population and the effects of climate change
  • Increase awareness of how we can all play our part to protect our environment now and for future generations.
Business Plan 2020-2025