Responsive to customers

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Dealing with your requests, problems and queries quickly and efficiently and ensuring the service they receive represents value for money.

We know that you expect us to deliver an excellent service that represents good value for money. In recent years we’ve made improvements to our customer service which resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction but we know we can do more by focusing on engaging with and listening to what our customers tell us about our services and how we can improve them to meet their needs and deliver against their priorities.

During 2016/17 we delivered a series of initiatives including ‘co-creation’ workshops, customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups. The results have helped us identify and implement a wide range of customer service improvement measures, including:

  • increased staff training to help ensure a tailored service to meet the individual needs of each customer
  • investment in our call centre to respond to and resolve customer inquiries faster
  • increased support for tackling potential leakage issues
  • faster response to visible leaks and external sewer flooding
  • simplifying customer materials and account processes (e.g. payment plan renewals)
  • the introduction of a dedicated team to tackle unresolved issues
  • improved services for customers in vulnerable situations (including a programme of staff training delivered alongside the mental health charity MIND).

Did you know?

We were recognised as the most improved organisation in the utility sector by the Institute of Customer Service in January 2017.

Our goals for 2050

  • Resolve all customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Listen to our customers and engage with them on the service they expect from us.
  • Help customers to understand their water usage and how they can save water and money on bills.
  • Build a transparent and trusting relationship with our customers.
Business Plan 2020-2025