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Waste water capacity enquiry

If you are planning a new development our Planning Team can offer advice and guidance to help with your enquiry.

Co-operation between South West Water and developers or agents at an early stage of development planning is important to avoid potential delays at the point of planning application. Through early discussions about the proposed development we can understand, advise and plan how we can support the requirements of a proposed development. You may also find our water and waste water service maps useful.

A capacity check is required to see if the sewerage network and waste water treatment facilities have sufficient capacity to service a development. Our Planning Team will inform you if there is adequate capacity for your development and if there is any existing equipment on site that could affect your plans.

For waste water capacity enquiries, please complete the Pre development capacity enquiry form.

This can be completed either by using our online application form, or click here to download the form.

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Complete my application online
Complete Pre development enquiry form here

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