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    This form is for household customers only to request the installation of a water meter.  All non-household/business customers please contact your retailer directly, thanks.
    The three steps to switching to a meter are:

    Step 1 - Use our Online ready reckoner to estimate if you could save money on a meter.

    Step 2 - Read our Quick Guide to Getting a Water Meter

    Step 3 - Complete our online application form if you want a meter

    To complete this form you will need

    1. Your customer number which can be found on the top left-hand side of your bill.

    2. A telephone number where we can contact you.  When we receive the completed application form we will contact you to arrange a survey and advise where the meter will be installed.  You or your representative will need to be present during the survey.


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    Your postal address (if different from above)

    We will normally contact you by telephone. Please indicate when you are NOT available for a survey.


    Property Type

    Please tick the appropriate box to confirm the type of property in which you live, and confirm the number of people who live at the property

    If you have any mobility difficulties that may cause you problems reading your meter, please discuss this with the Surveyor at the time of the survey  
    Terms and conditions

    South West Water will not reveal the personal information you provide in this form to third parties. South West Water will securely store and use your data for the purposes intended by this form and to administer and enhance our site and our service.