Did you know...

Our pipes laid end to end would stretch to Australia and back?

We treat 462 megalitres of drinking water (and process 675 megalitres of sewage) every day?


From looking after the coast to taking care of the countryside, your water bills go a really long way.

As a water company we’re here to keep the water clean and do the hard work. But there are also some incredible things going on beneath the surface that people don’t see. All thanks to your water bills.


Some of the best waters in the world

We’ve invested millions in Plymouth Hoe to help maintain the beauty of the bathing waters and ensure the beaches surpass tough water quality standards. A good day out for you… a good decade’s work for us!

Peat, glorious peat

Peatlands are really special places. They store carbon, provide drinking water and work wonders protecting wildlife. That’s why we’ve invested millions in restoring precious peatland on Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor.

Believing in trees

Trees are nature’s water cleaners, and the best way of protecting our water supply from the top down. We’ve already planted 100,000 trees across the South West – and another 150,000 will spring up by 2025.

Breakthrough technology

We’ve invested millions in infrastructure projects across the South West. In Plymouth, we’ve built the largest UV treatment plant in the UK, while the combination of new technologies at our Mayflower Water Treatment Works is a world first.


Your bills help us give back, too

If you’re passing through Meeth, pay a visit to the nature reserve. Thousands of saplings are being grown there and now the nursery is completely self-sufficient in water. All thanks to a new rainwater harvesting system supported by our Water Saving Community Fund.

There are thousands of pounds available to help community initiatives and vulnerable people. If you hear about the Water Saving Community Fund and Neighbourhood Fund, know that they only exist because of you.


We’d love to tell you what’s happening water-wise in your local area

Give us your details and you’ll be the first to know about the big stuff, like a water works being built nearby, and the little (but just as important) stuff, like your school or village hall winning one of our community grants.