Leak repair contractors

We want to do everything we can to help you if you experience a leak, this is why we have put together a list of contractors who may be able to help you detect and repair it. We have split the list by geographical area .

Advisory contractor area map

If you have a home or specific plumbing insurance policy you should check whether this covers leak repair. If it does contact your insurance company who should be able to arrange to repair the leak for you.

We have provided details below on the criteria we use for adding contractors to the advisory lists, and we periodically review them to ensure they are up to date. These lists are in place to assist customers in finding a suitable contractor, and you should check that the contractor you use is suitably qualified to carry out work on your property. We are not responsible for any third party contractor and inclusion of any contractors' details on the lists should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of their services.

When looking for a contractor we recommend that you get more than one quote as prices and response times may vary. Certified contractors in your local area can also be found on the WaterSafe and the Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme (WIAPS) websites.


WaterSafe is a dedicated online search facility bringing together thousands of qualified contractors employed by plumbing businesses from the seven existing Approved Contractors' Schemes across the UK.


The Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme (WIAPS) is run by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) on behalf of the water industry. This is one of the seven existing Approved Contractors' Schemes in the UK. Not all plumbing businesses registered with WIAPS have signed up to WaterSafe, so WIAPS may have additional qualified plumbers near you.

Contractor List Criteria

To be on our advisory list contractors must fit the following criteria:

  • Have adequate levels of appropriate insurance
  • Be WRAS or WaterSafe approved, or part of an approved contractor scheme
  • Operate in the South West Water area
  • Comply with South West Waters leakage policy

If you are a contractor who specialises in leak repair, and you would like to be included on the advisory list, please provide your details below. We will send you an information request to complete and return so that we can confirm you meet the criteria set out above.

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