Spotted a leak out and about? 

No matter how big or small - if you spot a leak, let us know.

If you are without water because of a leak, or your request is urgent, don’t wait, call our free leak helpline on 0800 230 0561 (24 hours a day).

Report a leak

Is the leak in South West Water’s service area?

South West Water's service area includes Cornwall, Devon and parts of Somerset. To check who you need to contact about the leak you have spotted please go to:

Where is the leak showing?

Leak location

Search for an address or scroll the map to find the location of the leak, previously reported leaks will be shown.
Click set leak location to lock in the exact location and fill in the form below to report the leak.

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This leak has already been reported and we are making arrangements including traffic control to repair this leak as soon as possible.

Leak from a property?

We will investigate this leak but it may be on a private supply, in which case it would be the property owner's responsibility to make any necessary repairs. Leaks on the private supply are the responsibility of the home owner, please click here to see a list of WaterSafe approved plumbers and click here for guidance and advice regarding leaks on your own supply.

How fast is the leak flowing?
Is your water supply affected?

No water?

If you are without water because of a leak don't wait, call our operational hotline on 0800 230 0561 (24 hours a day). Leaks reported online will be responded to within one working week.

Is the leak causing damage?