Order FREE water-saving products today

If you live in our area then take a look at the FREE water-saving products that you can order today, they’ll also be delivered for free.

We offer a range of free, and subsidised, water-saving products on the Save Water Save Money website. You can order hippo bags that save water with every flush, shower and tap inserts that aerate and reduce that amount of water used, shower timers and more.


8L Regulated Flowpoint Grey Shower Head

This water efficient shower head regulates water flow to a superb 8 litres per minute, operating from as little as 0.2 bar pressure.

5L Regulated Tap Insert Twin Pack

Limits splashing, reduces velocity of stream while providing plenty of water for your everyday needs in the bathroom.


Hippo 7

Designed to save up to 1.2 litres of water with every flush



4 Minute Shower Timer

Helps reduce water and energy usage, by challenging you to cut down the time you spend in the shower.

Crocodile Toothy Timer

Save up to 12 litres every time your child brushes by encouraging them to turn off the tap in between rinses.