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Gardening typically accounts for much of the additional demand we see during hot weather. A water butt is one of the easiest ways to collect and save a large amount of rainwater to use later in the summer months. On average one waterbutt holds the same amount of water as 25 watering cans, and most plants prefer rainwater over tap water.


For more information about saving water in the garden click here.

Competition closes 1 September 2020.

2020 Winners

Winners for this year's water butt competition are:

Roy Howe

Helen Laws

Mark Stipetic

Deborah Stevenson

Elizabeth Whyatt

William Roberts

L Smith

Faye Thompson


Gemma thirkle


Jason Howlett

Stacey Sparks


Mrs Heather Rees

Tanya Thomas

victoria hatfield


Wendy Cornish

Mark Hoare

Lorna Gray

Stuart Andrews

Rachael Smith

David Gott

Andre Lambert

Tamsyn Cleave

Aileen McLeod

Abbigail dart

Richard Horsford

David Gibbons

Mike Taylor


Hew Helps

Kim Butler

Yvonne Parsons

Edward Bagshaw

Bekka Court

Chris Hickling

john bowerman

Mark haslam

Vero Thomas

Helen Gray

Michelle Keane

Jacalyn brown

Nigel Hicks

Grant Evans

Shelley Barratt

Francis Gist

Amy Cushion

jo Angell

Rebecca spurrier

David Edgcombe

Amber Willson

Stephen OLeary

Sara McArthur

Gareth cox

Anoushka Britten

Diana Bushe

David Rockey

Graham Haddock

Angela Armour-Smith

Sally Blayney

Mick Medley

Karen Simpson

paul gollop

Steve Newman

Lynn Grimes

June Philp

Carole nally

Hugh Snape

Kerry Stanmore

Mark Telling


Isabelle O'Shea

Justin Turner

Kristina Robertson

Jodie Hession

Debbie Catlin

Chris Stout

Amy Marshall


Richard Forrest

Poppy Brooks

Edward curd

Jane Barber

Lucy green

Ian Shilston

Michael Schrader

Colin Douglas

Linda stephenson



Fred Mainwaring

Nic  Summers

Gillian Hill

Louise Clark

Jon Goulder

Michaela Holley

Sharon Claridge

Charlotte Hobbs

Jane Collins

Su Layfield

John Gardener

Jaime Gaspare

Lynne Janser

Marian Spratling


Alison Dimelow

kaz carr

Denise Wickens

Laurence Foreman

Judy higgins

Anthony Hamm

Mike orchard

Chris Grant

Lizzie Lidster

Katy Toms

Stephen Warne

Gemma Nicholls

Chrissy Bent

Mrs Nikki Lloyd

Angela Margaret Rockett

Mr Michael Buscombe

Tracey Hillman

Gareth Jones

Verena Sutton

John Stickland

Imogen Parnham

Miss Sallie Phillips

Joanne Richards

Amanda love

William Dommett

Jennifer Balkwill

Amanda Burgess

Kerri Daymond

Jamie wertheim

Paul Matthews

Jo Twelvetrees


Gary Mardle

James Gent

Neil Parsons

Peta Hones


Ruth wilkes

Christine  Parr

Hayley miller

Yvonne Dobson

Emma and james Carlyle


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