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Our customers' daily demand requires us to produce over 650 mega litres of drinking water every day. Drinking Water Services is responsible for meeting this demand.

We operate and maintain 32 water treatment works, which provide approximately 90% of our water requirements. The remaining 10% is abstracted from a large number of boreholes, predominantly in the East Devon area.

Treated water is distributed to domestic and business users via a complex water distribution network which is approximately 15,000 kilometres in length. To ensure that water quality is maintained, our scientific support team check and sample the water throughout the process.

We also own and operate a number of hydro power plants, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our team of highly trained employees includes water treatment and distribution technicians, scientists, administration personnel, technical support engineers and analysts.

If you are passionate about delivering a quality product 365 days a year, Drinking Water Services can offer you a truly unique challenge.

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