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Cloudy water

Your water may appear cloudy or white if air has become trapped in the pipes usually when repair work has been carried out This is known as aerated water and it’s safe to continue drinking.

You don’t need to do anything as the cloudiness will disappear in time as the air is released. If you live in the East Devon area you’ll have hard water and the cloudiness may be caused by limescale, particularly when boiled.

Brown water

Brown, orange or yellow water is usually caused by the disturbance of iron or manganese deposits which build up on the inside of the pipes.  This can occur following a burst main which has changed the flow of the water. Increased water flow disturbs any deposits in the pipework, making the water discoloured.

It’s unlikely to be harmful to your health as iron and manganese are found in healthy diets, however it’s best not to use it for cooking, drinking or washing clothes.

To clear it, run your cold kitchen tap (or the tap that’s fed directly off the mains pipe) and check it every 10 minutes. If you’re on a meter, you can apply for a run off allowance.

If it’s only your supply affected, it may be a problem with your internal pipework and we’d recommend speaking to a plumber. Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme WIAPS.

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