Our commitment to leaks

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We’re proud to be an industry leader when it comes to tackling leaks. We have always achieved our leakage targets set by the water industry regulator Ofwat and have one of the lowest levels of leakage in the country (water lost per kilometre of water main).

Every year we spend £11 million on detecting and repairing leaks across our water supply network and from privately owned pipes.

Find out here about our latest leak detection technologies.

How you can help

If you spot a leak, please check that there’s no sign of any blue paint sprayed around it. If there is, our Leakage Team have marked the position where the repair team need to dig and carry out the repair work. In Your Area provides the very latest on work in your area.

If there’s no sign that we are aware of the leak, please use our report a leak page or call our freephone leakline on 0800 230 0561.

We aim to fix large bursts within 24 hours and significant leaks within 3 days.

How can we help?

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