Our 15,000km long water mains network is divided into 850 geographic zones which are constantly monitored to alert us at the start of a leak. This is so that we can prioritise our pro-active leak detection and repair services to minimise the amount of water lost.

We use the latest available technologies to find leaks such as acoustic logging and thermal imaging.

We’re currently working on building computer generated models of our water supply network which link to live flow and pressure data loggers. This helps us to run our network efficiently, reduce pump running times and deliver leak and environmental benefits.


Installation of new valves

All of our leak repairs are planned to minimise the inconvenience to you, such as having to interrupt your supply or traffic disruption.

We’re determined to maintain our leakage record by aiming to fix large bursts within 24 hours and significant leaks within 3 days. Sometimes we have to seek road closures from highway authorities or arrange access with landowners so these repairs may take longer.

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How to check for a leak:

On a water meter

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How to check for a leak if you have a water meter

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Not on a meter

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How to check for a leak if you do not have a water meter

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Internal stop tap

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How to locate your internal stop tap

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