Save water in your business

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Here are our tips for businesses to make sure they are using water wisely:

  • A motivated and engaged workforce makes all the difference in changing habits. Use signs or posters to promote a water efficient culture. Make sure that water features in any resource efficiency initiatives already under way in the workplace
  • All equipment that uses water should have a maintenance regime, including a method of identifying leaks. Over time, even a minor leak will result in huge amounts of water being wasted. For example, a continually leaking toilet cistern could result in a loss of 88m3 of water a year, equivalent to around £100. The cause of this sort of leak is usually something like a worn washer which is quick and easy to fix
  • Make sure appliances are energy efficient models so that they use less water
  • Some bathrooms may still have turn or lever style taps which can easily be left running if not returned to the off position. If it’s the hot water tap that is left on this wastage will be considerably more because of the energy that has been used to heat the water. An alternative could be a push button tap which delivers a certain amount of water before shutting off.
  • Sites that have shower facilities can also have significant wastage. Possible solutions to this include push button showers which shut off after a certain amount of time or showers that use infrared sensors to detect the presence of a user and automatically shut off when no one is there.
  • Lush green lawns look beautiful but they can require hundreds of gallons of water a day. Consider planting native landscapes or other less water-intensive alternatives. Also consider installing a rain-harvesting system to collect water on site for landscape irrigation or using a sensored irrigation system to better control exterior water use and to make sure that mains water isn’t wasted in this way.
  • A water cooler will give employees direct access to cold water rather than having to run a tap until the water is chilled to fill bottles or glasses