Climate change

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Here at South West Water we see ourselves as champions of the environment. We want our business to be a leader in sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint and finding innovative ways of responding to climate change.

Seasonal change

Climate change will have an effect on us. It is likely that winters in the South West will become wetter and summers drier, with a reduction in overall annual rainfall. Combined with higher average temperatures, which lead to increased evaporation from rivers and reservoirs, this will have an impact on water resources.

What are the effects of climate change?

We are involved in research at both national and regional levels into the possible effects of climate change and use climate change research findings to see how the balance between supply and demand might change in the future.

Both heavy rain and long dry spells can also affect our sewerage network and sewage treatment processes and we will need to look at how we can adapt them to make them more resilient, whatever the weather.