Safeguarding success

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Keeping the regions supply flowing

Clean Sweep

Our £2 billion Clean Sweep programme has transformed the region’s bathing waters – but the sewage treatment works we built still need to be maintained and improved regularly.

Drinking Water

We have some of the best tap water quality in the country – but we are always looking for ways to improve it still further, including investing in innovative new treatment processes and trialling pioneering projects to improve river water quality before it gets to our treatment works.

Hitting our leakage targets

We have one of the best leakage records in the industry, meeting our target every year since it was introduced, but we need to keep working year in, year out to find and mend leaks on our network of pipes.

Water Resources

We’ve built two new reservoirs in Cornwall, and our first new borehole in 18 years, but we need to keep the pumps running and look after the network of pipes taking this raw water to be treated.

This year is our sixteenth consecutive summer without water restrictions, but we want our customers to enjoy water-restriction free summers every year no matter how much rain we get or how much the population grows.

So we’re pleased with our achievements over the last few years, but safeguarding these successes will require more investment. Our challenge is to work out how much investment is needed – and where – and to find new technologies and processes which could help us invest more efficiently and effectively.