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Drainage and Wastewater Management Planning – Our plan to 2050

We all use and rely on water every day, and most of the water we use – for cooking, cleaning, flushing the loo, and for recreation and in our workplaces too – will end up in our wastewater network. A lot of the water that we don’t use ends up there too! Rain that falls on our roofs and roads often ends up in our network when it has nowhere else to go.

Our wastewater system has been developed over many decades and we need to continue to develop it to meet the future demands on our region. By doing this, we are not only maintaining services for our customers, but also protecting the environment – which we know is super important to our customers.

We cannot do this alone though.

Others have a vital role to play, such as local councils, landowners and environmental groups. We have been working with these groups and other stakeholders to develop our future drainage and wastewater management plan – or DWMP – for the period 2025 to 2050.


What is a DWMP?

Our DWMPs are long term plans that outline how we plan to approach and manage sewerage and wastewater over the next 25 years. They provide us with the opportunity to understand the impact on our network of things such as:


tick.png Population growth - new housing developments and increased occupancy of exisiting homes
tick.png Climate change - more volatile weather, severe rainfall events, longer dry periods
tick.png Urban creep - paving over of urban areas such as parks and gardens, removing natural soakways for rainwater surface run off

We know that how we respond to these issues will have a huge impact on our region and communities. The decisions we make will impact on our customers and the environment that we live and work in for many years, so it’s important we get those decisions right.


Our journey so far

As part of our 2020-25 business plan submission we published a high level framework for our DWMP which set out an overview of the process we would be taking to prepare our plan. You can read more about this below:

DWMP - process overview and progress


Our plan - launched for consultation on 30 June

We will publish our final DWMP in March 2023, which will set out how we will work in partnership with others to ensure our wastewater services remain reliable and sustainable in the future.

By 30 June 2022, we will publish “Our Plan” for consultation. This is an important milestone to our March 2023 plan, setting out the risks we see, and our emerging plans around the steps we need to take to ensure that our drainage systems remain resilient into the future.

Have your say soon

Our plan will be open for consultation from 30 June until the end of September 2022. We will be publishing the following documents as part of this:

  • Our Plan
  • Customer summary
  • Technical summary
  • Strategy plans for each of our catchments

We look forward to engaging with you on this plan, as hearing the views of our customers and stakeholders is vital for us to ensure that we are providing the best value plan that we can.