Gap site incentive scheme

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South West Water Gap site incentive scheme is designed to encourage Retailers to identify eligible premises that are not registered in the Central Market Operating System (CMOS). to support fairness of charging for all customers.

We will offer an incentive payment where eligible Retailers identify a gap site that is subsequently successfully registered (with a status of “tradable”) in CMOS.

Under the scheme, an applying Retailer may opt out of being appointed as the supplier to the gap site identified in the market. However, unless confirmed otherwise, we will assume that a Retailer that submits a Gap site wishes to be appointed as the supplier for the premises on an enduring basis.

South West Water have signed up to the RWG Gap Site Incentive Good Practice Guide, full details for which can be found on the MOSL website.

Further details of our scheme can be download here.

You can check here for details of gap site incentive applications that have already been submitted. Please note, any duplicate applications will not be processed.

South West Water are not offering a Vacant site incentive scheme at this time.

Updated 31/03/2022.