Good Practice Guide Alignment

The Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG) is a MOSL trading party led group that covers operational terms and is made up from Retailers, Wholesalers, MOSL, CCW and Ofwat. The aim is to promote and share good practice to improve customer service in the market.

Recently updated good practice guide changes have been made to:

  • Data Logging
  • Leak Allowance
  • Return to Sewer Allowance

Further details of these and all other good practice guides can be found on MOSL’s website here.

In line with Ofwat recommendations, please see the table below illustrating our current fulfilment to each good practice guide.

RWG good practice guide Adoption status
Leakage allowance Partial
Data logging Fully
Return to sewer Fully
Disconnection Non-payment Fully
Planned Events Partial
Unplanned Events Partial
Gap Site Incentive Due April 2021
Vacant Incentive Due April 2021


We aim to update our policies each year and will always ask for feedback from Retailers when making any changes.

If you would like to discuss our policies or suggest any improvements, please contact our Wholesale Account Management team at