Retailer services

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For retailers wishing to access wholesale services within the South West Water region.

Our aim is to offer the best retailer experience in the UK, from a Wholesaler, continuing to deliver a high level of service to South West Water users. We are committed to operating in the open market and will always provide you and your customers with the highest possible service by treating all Retailers the same; courteously, fairly, efficiently, responsively and making contact with us as simple as possible.

As well as using this website to complete the forms and to track progress, we hope you will regularly visit our website and use it as a key part of your toolkit, using it to underpin the service you give to the customer. Over time we look forward to working with you in further developing this site, adding information that may help to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Sometimes problems do occur, and when they do, we will do all we can to investigate, discuss and provide feedback in a timely manner, doing all we can to reduce any negative impact on the non-household customer.