Trade effluent consent

A Trade Effluent Consent is a legally binding document specific to each premises from which Trade Effluent is being discharged.

It contains a description of what process is producing the effluent, how much volume is allowed to be discharged, the rate at which it can be discharged and any specific effluent quality parameters that need to be controlled in the form of conditions. These conditions will state a range or maximum limit for the effluent, for example, temperature will not exceed 43 degrees Celsius, or the pH will always be between 5 and 9.

How do I apply for a Trade Effluent Consent?

You can either speak with your Retailer or go to the contact us page to request the application form.

Who do I speak to if I'm having difficulty completing one of South West Water's forms?

You can either speak with your Retailer or the Trade Effluent Support Technician. Depending on what you need help with, the Trade Effluent Support Technician will speak to the relevant Scientist who may then contact you directly to discuss.

What are the factors which determine the conditions of a Trade Effluent Consent?

This is determined by the capacity of the receiving sewage network and treatment works. It is also determined by the nature and strength of the trade effluent where that trade effluent is deemed to have the potential to cause harm to the sewer or the receiving assets and/or the environment.