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Question 4: The number of digits required to provide a total reading in m³ - max 9. See examples below for details. 
NOTE: If measuring in litres please divide by 1,000 to get a reading in m³

Only the numbers in black required Only the cumulative total required, excluding the decimal place
Only the m³ value required Only the total m³ value required

Question 5: This is the measurement units for the Total reading not the real time flow reading-(Metric m³/Metric Non m³)

Question 6: This only applies to meters which are a sub meter e.g. 15mm or 20mm

Question 8: Combi meters are where a pair of meters fitted in parallel, one large meter which records higher flow rates and a small meter fitted with a bypass valve which diverts flow when the flow rate is most accurately recorded by the small meter


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