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How much does a new water connection cost?

We’ll provide you with a quote which will be specific to your connection requirements after we’ve completed a site survey. The quote will be made up of: Connection costs (all work, materials required for us to make connection) Traffic management (depending on the location of our water main, there will be costs involved in managing the traffic) Infrastructure charges (all properties connecting to...

How do I apply for a new sewer connection?

You can complete our sewer connection application form and return it to us by email, the guidance notes contain more information. You’ll need to arrange for a drain to be laid from your property to our sewer. If you need help in locating the closest public sewer, you can request an asset plan by contacting Source for Searches. We’ll inspect the connection to ensure that it’s been made to the...

How do I get a new or replacement water connection?

Take a look at our new or replacement water connection pages to find more information about this service, including how to apply, an explanation of the process and charges. When you've completed our application form, we'll contact you in writing within 5 calendar days of receiving it. Following this we will contact you to arrange a site survey. If you require new supplies for more than 2...

How do I get a new water main?

You can apply for a new water main if it will serve 2 or more properties which haven’t previously connected to our network (directly or indirectly) We will ask you (and any other applicants) to pay any difference between our costs in providing the water main and the income we receive from charges for water supplied from the main in each of the following 12 years. We may also require some financial...

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