WaterFit Live maps

WaterFit Live is our way of sharing with you near real-time data about our storm overflows, and whether they are impacting the quality of your bathing waters.

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Water is Precious

Every drop you save is precious and makes a huge difference to our rivers and reservoirs, keeping them healthy places for wildlife to live.

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Priority Services

A helping hand is sometimes just what we need, and our practical help aims to support you so you can still manage your account the way you want to. So if there's something you're struggling to do, let us know.

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Financial support

We have a wide range of different support, and we'll make sure you're matched with the right help at the right time. Just get in touch to start putting your money worries behind you.

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Customer roadshows

Come and meet us at one of our roadshows, we’ll be explaining the work we’re doing in that area at the moment, and what we’ve got planned up to 2030.

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We’re Doing This

Our Plan for Change 2025-2030

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