Water is open for business

Since April 2017, businesses and organisations in England have been able to choose which company supplies their business premises with water and wastewater services (similar to the energy and telecom sector).

This means they can switch their water and sewerage retailer, choosing to use one retailer for both their water and wastewater supplies, or one retailer for each. We still supply their water and sewerage services and charge their retailer for this, who in turn sells this service to the business, as their customer.

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Check if your business is eligible to switch

If you run a business and you're interested in switching your supplier, you can check if your business is eligible here.

Can I shop around?
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Find a retailer with Open Water

On the Open Water website, you can check you’re getting the best deal, or find another supplier from a list of retailers who operate in your area.

Go to Open Water

Do I have to switch?

No, don’t worry. If you haven't switched then your retail services will be supplied by Source for Business.

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