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Our Wholesale Services Team provides retailers with a service which is easy to access and simple to use. We help retailers deliver great service to non-household customers.

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South West Water

We serve approximately 800,000 homes and 70,000 businesses across Devon, Cornwall and areas of Dorset, Somerset and the Isles of Scilly. We have approximately 1.7 million customers and this rises to over 2 million during tourist months.

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Bournemouth Water

Bournemouth Water is a subsidiary of South West Water, but operates as a separate business. It serves 205,700 homes and 16,000 businesses supplying drinking water to nearly half a million customers within parts of Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.

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Wholesale services we provide

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Services we provide


South West Water manages the reliable supply and high-standard treatment of water to your customers. We also offer meter reading services so that your customers are guaranteed an accurate bill.
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Services we provide

Sewerage and trade effluent

As well as providing domestic sewerage services at business premises, we also have a trade effluent service for those customers who need more specialised wastewater services, examples include manufacturers, car washes, hospitality.
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Services we provide

Customer Service

We provide a tailored, courteous, fair, efficient and responsive customer service for our retailers, inline with the Water Industry's best practice.
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Services we provide

Emergency supplies

Our sensitive customers are:

  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals / Hospices
  • Prisons / Detention Centres
  • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • Schools/ Colleges/ Playgroups

We prioritise giving our high-risk sensitive customers (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, prisons) an alternative water supply in the event of a prolonged or unplanned interruption - regardless of who their retailer is.


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Services we provide

Data logger installations

You might find it useful to have data loggers dotted around the network so that you can monitor how much water your customers are using. This helps track demand, predict future patterns, and inform water-efficiency messaging.
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Our tariffs and charges

We make sure that our prices are always fair and representative of the level of service we provide. Learn more about our wholesale charging procedures and how we set them.

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