Are you interested in working with us to deliver key elements of our water resources management plan (WRMP) by providing skills and services that will help us deliver our strategy?

South West Water is keen to open discussions with anyone who thinks they may be able to meet our requirements as described under the heading below titled 'How we plan to deliver our strategy’.

We would like to explore commercial opportunities, links or partnerships with environmental groups, charities, and other interest groups and opportunities to work with academic institutions.

We are especially interested in providers who would be able to implement end to end solutions from concept through to delivery and benefit realisation.

If you are interested in pursuing any commercial opportunities arising from this information, it is important that you contact us about your proposal, as our network and the way we provide services to our customers is subject to a range of factors that can change how beneficial opportunities may be or how, when and where we might be able to use them.

How we plan to deliver our strategy

Our process

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