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South West Water (SWW) has been subject to the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004 since 2015.

The EIR provides public access to information classified as ‘Environmental Information’ held by public authorities of which SWW is one.

Information covered by the EIRs

  • the state of the elements of the environment (e.g. water, air, soil or land)
  • factors affecting those elements (e.g. radiation, noise, energy or waste)
  • measures and activities affecting the elements and factors
  • reports on the implementation of environmental legislation
  • economic analyses used within the framework of the measures and activities above
  • the state of human Health and Safety as they may be affected by the above.

Providing Information
SWW provides public access to the ‘environmental information’ we hold in two ways:

  • actively publishing environmental information to help members of the public access the information held by SWW; and
  • in response to individual requests from other organisations and members of the public.

Information already available
We have, and continue to add, a large amount of information on this website including the following:

Water resources management plan - managing resources, reducing leakage and the quality of the drinking water we supply

Climate change – how we are proactively responding to ongoing and future changes in our climate

Rivers and bathing waters - how we protect and enhance the rivers and coastal waters of the region

Annual performance report - our annual report contains details of our performance against a range of key performance indicators including those covering our environmental impact.

Sustainability - information on our approach to sustainability

Sewage – information on waste water

Reservoir storage – details for our 5 main reservoir storage

Our reservoirs – reservoirs for drinking water and recreation

Water saving - encouraging people to conserve water around the home and at work

Water quaility - providing the latest water quality report, a map of your supply zone and water hardness information

Supply area information - we provide water and sewerage services to Devon, Cornwall and small parts of Dorset and Somerset.

Environmental and quality policy - our long-standing policy that underpins our environmental activities

Discover water - The Discover Water website is an easy and interesting way for customers to find out more about their own water company and the water sector overall. Set out like a dashboard, the Discover Water website brings already-available company data from a range of sources together in a friendly and interactive way.

Network Diagrams - location of public sewers, disposal mains, lateral drains and water mains.

Event and Duration Monitoring of Storm Overflows - information document that explains storm overflows, how they work, why they exist, and what SWW are doing to minimise our impact on the environment. 

Event Duration Monitoring annual return 2020 - information on the number of recorded spills for each SWW asset that has event and duration monitoring equipment installed.

Environmental information made available through our website can be viewed by members of the public for free.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for or if you require information in hard copy form please contact us to make a request.

>>Making a request for environmental information