Communication icon How we'll contact you in an emergency

We'll be in touch in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • Updates via SMS or automated calls
  • Website updates via:
  • Social media updates via Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • Door knocking (where appropriate)
  • Letter dropping
  • Local community hubs may be set up

What happens when we're made aware of an incident:

Issue is reported

An issue is reported by a customer or is picked up in our network which notifies us there is a problem.

Inspector investigates

An inspector is despatched to locate the issue whilst our office based teams look to determine the impact to customers.

Relevant teams mobilised

We identify the issue and mobilise the right expertise to fix the problem and provide you with support

If possible, water is rerouted

Our experts will investigate if we can reroute water from another part of the network or use tankers to add water directly into our network, to bring you back into water if you don’t have any.

If a burst, excavation begins

For everyone’s safety we’ll need to assess what’s underground. We may need to put in place traffic measures or let the emergency services know of road closures.

Pipe repaired, ground restored

Digging to the leak may take time depending what other utilities are located near our pipe. The type of damage will influence how long the repair will be and what is needed to fix it.

Water slowly returned to pipe

Once repaired we need to slowly re-fill the water pipe to ensure there’s not a surge of pressure which can cause a further burst.

Water restored to homes

Once we're happy the pipe is repaired and coping under the water pressure we will start water flowing to homes again.

Alternative water supplies

If customers are without water for more than 24 hours, we’ll ensure that you have at least 10 litres available each day (per person). In that rare instance that your water supply is interrupted for over 5 days, we'll make sure there's at least 20 litres available each day (per person).

Alternative water supplies image

Emergency interruptions to your water supply

If we have to carry out emergency repairs affecting your water supply, we’ll restore the supply within 12 hours of becoming aware of the interruption. If we fail to restore your supply within these times, we’ll automatically pay you £30*, plus an additional £30* for each further 12-hour period your supply remains unrestored.

*3rd party damage wouldn’t qualify for the £30.

How to identify our staff

It’s rare for us to visit you without a pre-arranged appointment, but we might need to in an emergency. All our employees carry identification cards which display their name, photograph and our company logo. Always check a caller’s identity card before letting them into your home, and if you’ve agreed a password in advance, make sure that they give it to you.

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Priority service customers

In the event of an emergency interruption to the supply, for example, a burst water main, our priority is to restore the supply to all customers as soon as possible. Priority Services customers who have signed up to receive a telephone call in an emergency, will receive a call to advise of the situation.

If you, or someone in your house, has a medical condition that requires constant access to a water supply, or you would find it difficult to reach an alternative supply during a mains interruption, then sign up to our Priority Services Register.

Our Priority Services are free, and you don't need to be the bill payer to register.

Sign up for Priority Services

Extra support we offer

2 South West Water employees walking down a residential road smiling

Priority Services

A helping hand is sometimes just what we need, and our practical help aims to support you so you can still manage your account the way you want to. So if there's something you're struggling to do, let us know.

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Financial support

We have a wide range of different support, and we'll make sure you're matched with the right help at the right time. Just get in touch to start putting your money worries behind you.

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