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What is the WaterFit Live beach map telling me?

Our interactive map allows you to see if any of our storm overflows have been operating at your local beach to an extent that they may have temporarily affected bathing water.

For more information about storm overflows, what we’re doing to reduce their impact and how you can help do your bit visit our main Storm Overflow page.

We’ve provided some frequently asked questions below the map to help you understand what’s happening and why.

How it works

Put a postcode or place name into the search bar. When the map zooms in click on the coloured pin for a status.

Overflow locations

Pin colours change according to data we receive, our detailed local knowledge of the bathing water environment and how storm overflows may temporarily affect them.

blue pin   Condition of the bathing water is not affected by overflows

orange pin   Condition of the bathing water may be affected by the operation of overflows

grey pin   Monitors undergoing maintenance, investigation or improvement

By clicking the ‘More information about this beach’ link, you can see the location of overflows impacting the beach, investment information up to 2025, and the history of bathing water quality at that location where applicable.

More about storm overflows

We know that as a water company, we have a big part to play in improving our network and reducing the number of discharges. We also know there's lots more work to do.

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Your Beach, Your Say, Our Investment

We're inviting local community and stakeholder groups to work with us, as we consider where we need to prioritise our investment for 2025.

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Frequently asked questions


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