Going further and faster to protect our rivers and seas

WaterFit is a programme of work and investment that champions the rivers, seas and wider environment of the South West. We want our region to be the destination for water quality, and WaterFit outlines how we're going to get there.

What we're working towards:

per storm overflow, per year
monitoring at storm overflows
river bathing water status
4 star
Environmental Performance Assessment rating

It's not just about storm overflows

We're investing a huge amount in reducing the number of storm overflow events (spills) across our region, so that they only happen up to 20 times a year per location. The reduction in our use of storm overflows will make a huge difference to the bathing water quality of the South West, but it's only a small part of our WaterFit plans. 

WaterFit looks at the environment as a whole, and all of us who enjoy it - employees, locals and visitors alike. The plan opens opportunities for you to take control of the environment around you, and make us accountable for our impact on it.

It's about working together to do the right thing.

Learn about storm overflows


Our WaterFit commitments

Your Beach, Your Say, Our Investment

We're inviting local community and stakeholder groups to work with us, as we consider where we need to prioritise our investment for 2025.

Your Beach, Your Say, Our Investment image

WaterFit plans

How we're investing in your beach

Use our interactive map to find out how we're making improvements to your local beach. We've got specific improvement plans for each of our bathing water beaches.

How we're investing in your beach image

Working together to keep our network flowing

We’re on a mission to stop sewer misuse. So, we’re working with councils and community groups to raise awareness and protect our beautiful rivers and beaches. Watch our short film about what we did in Newquay. If you want us to do something similar in your area, please get in touch.