Have you ever thought about how much water you use?

Safe drinking water is probably one of the easiest things to take for granted so it's sometimes hard to see why saving it is so urgent and important. 

Climate change, population growth and people's choices in their water use, are putting our resources under strain. Your ordinary steps to save every drop do make an extraordinary difference to how much water remains available in the South West.

Get your free water-saving devices today

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Our top tips for saving water at home

With so much depending on it, it only makes sense to save every drop. If you answer a few questions below, we'll give you some handy tips and tricks that will keep you as water-efficient as a cactus.

Where would you like to save water?

Aerial photo of Roadford reservoir
Why save water

The 1%

With most of our planet being blue, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking we’ll never run out of water. The thing is, not all that water is drinkable. In fact, only 1% of it is accessible freshwater. And we need to protect it.
Picture of an otter with it's paws together saying please
Why save water

For all things bright and beautiful

Whether it’s us, the fish that live in it, the cows that drink it, the otters that play in it, the bugs that skate on it, or the birds who bathe it in – life depends on water. And all creatures, great and small, rely on the same 1%. The more tap water you use, the less is left in the environment for them.
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Why save water

For you and your family

Another reason to save water is that all aspects of human life depend on it. You drink it. It’s used to make your food, your clothes, your house, your medicine. Things we take for granted like swimming pools and restaurants couldn’t run without it. Neither could our emergency services.

How we’re protecting our water resources 

As well as giving you resources and encouraging you to join in our campaign to save every drop, we’re busy finding ways we can save water too. To help protect our water resources we are:

  • Expanding our local teams to find and fix leaks as quickly as possible
  • Bringing new water resources online
  • Monitoring our reservours in areas where there is a risk of demand for water exceeding supply
  • Upgrading treatment works and in some areas installing new ones to increase the capacity of our network so we can meet demand more efficiently.

Improvements we've made between 2022 and 2023

During the hosepipe ban, we were busy increasing the resilience of our water network to help better secure our water resources for the future. These are just some of the improvements we made during that time.

1new reservoir
at Hawk's Tor
more storage in Cornwall
more storage in Devon
leaks fixed

Water resources - Latest situation

Thank you for your efforts in saving water. Levels correct as on 9 July 2024.

Water resources - Latest situation image

Don’t just stop at home – take your knowledge to work too!

We’ve got some great services available to help your workplace save every drop. We're fixing leaky loos free of charge, helping businesses find and fix leaks and offering FREE water-saving devices

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Are you visiting our beautiful region this summer?

While you’re here, there’s something you can do to help both the local communities and our beautiful environment.

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Water is Precious

Every drop you save is precious and makes a huge difference to our rivers and reservoirs, keeping them healthy places for wildlife to live.

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Water-Saving Community Fund

Have you got a big idea to help save tap water in your local community? Whether you’re a school, allotment group, charity, or other not-for-profit organisation, we’re looking to fund projects that benefit the community and save water.

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