We listened to our customers, and in response we have run a tariff trial in Cornwall to show how fairer charging structures could see customers who use less, paying less for their water.

The first tariff trial started in the week of 1 February 2024 and finished in the week of 29 April.

We’re delighted to announce that the Cornish community has reduced water usage by 5% during this time, and therefore they will receive a £10 credit on their next available bill.

Thank you for your dedication to saving water and the difference you have made in the efforts to preserve this resource.

It's important though that we all continue being careful in how we use water all year round - view some of our water saving tips.

Why do we need to be water efficient?

To adapt to climate change and a growing population, we need a resilient water system that can cope with unpredictable weather patterns. We’ve been increasing water resources in Cornwall and driving down leakage – making our communities water efficient is important too.

Being water efficient helps protect the natural environment, makes hose pipe bans less likely and it could also reduce customer water bills.

The end of this tariff trial isn’t the end of the story – we will need an additional 4 billion litres of water a day by 2050 to meet demand. By addressing water usage, we can also ensure we minimise any impact that comes from taking water away from the natural environment. 

Water is Precious

We're working to maintain resilient water supplies to ensure there's enough water for people and the planet, for future generations to come.

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